SmartXplore is an add-on platform for windows explorer. It gives you tools to work with your files and folders in an easier, powerful and more funny way. Download now

the menu appears after a middle mouse click on a file or folder


Built-in features

  • show files grouped by type (video, audio, docs, etc)
  • create a new blank file without an extension (you decide it)
  • create a new folder
  • show command prompt with this folder as base directory
  • upload selected file to ftp
  • clipboard: copy current folder path to clipboard
  • clipboard: copy selected file path to clipboard
  • clipboard: copy clipboard content into current directory (text or images, don't worry)
  • get info: directory used space
  • get info: free drive space
  • get info: list of files into a new notepad file
  • rename extension
  • change directory icon
  • search extension on google if you don't know how to open that file
  • duplicate this window
  • open the desktop in a new window
  • save a portion of the screen in the current directory
  • add current time to selected files and folders
  • add current date to selected files and folders
  • not enough? check the add-ons to the right :)